How to use "%relativeDocRoot%" in RapidWeaver 7?

For a site I’m working on I have to define a lot of manual links. But since the site will be place on another server until it’s ready I don’t want to use the full URL for the links ( but a variable definition for the path, so that I would not have to change each and every link again when moving the site to it’s final destination. I thought I can do this with Vita for example, but somehow it doesn’t work (the text “relativeDocRoot” is still inside the path as text). Any hints for me how to do this?

relativeDocRoot is the URL to your current server. What you want to archive will not work that way.

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Ah, ok. Thanks. But isn’t there any other variable to work with a relative path somehow?

Wouldn’t relative paths such as …\ and .\ work in this case? So the DocRoot is the site URL set in RW settings.

Do you mean “…/” and “./” or really “…” and “.”? Hm, should work, will have to try this.
But in my special case I just realized what a complete idiot I am :wink: I totally forgot about RapidWeavers link-dialogue, where I can simply link to another page of the site. Exactly what I needed. Aaarghh, how embarrassing…

I mean one of the two :slight_smile: I am a complete idiot too. Sometimes you get distracted you don’t see the obvious.

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