Warehouse Image - where did the slash go?

In prepration for moving a bunch of sites to https, I will be replacing absolute paths with relative ones. However, when I type in a relative path for my warehouse image, the 1st forward slash isn’t in the outputted code. Am I missing something? Note that in my screenshot below, the slash is present - but in the code Rw produces, it’s missing.


I do not know why the slash was removed. But:

/docs/… specifies the docs folder inside the root folder of the server
docs/… specifies the docs folder relative to the current html page you are entering that code.

Thanks @instacks. I’ve long kept a folder called docs at the root of each of my websites. Inside of it is a well-organized set of folders into which all of my warehoused documents go.

Because of the way some of the sites will resolve once we go https, the domain a user inputs into the browser will not be the URL that he/she lands on. Therefore, it’s imperative that my links are absolute and not relative.

Neither with /docs/… nor with docs/… there are absolute.
But relative links are fine, as long as the main entry point to your web site is https.