How to use this Rapidweaver forum successfully?

Hi all,

apologies if this is obvious and I’m just missing it. I’m happy to be informed when there is a new topic popping up in this new shiny rapidweaver forum, and currently I’m getting emails into my inbox to that effect. However I’m getting EVERYTHING at the moment, thats new topics and then all the responses too, so I then have to deleted 20 or so messages from my inbox and then go to the thread I’m not interested in (ie ones in another language) and remove myself from it.

What should I be doing so that I can maybe see the new topic come into my inbox and at THAT point decide whether or not I want to opt into continue receiving the follow up emails?

I think you just have to update your user preferences.*your-username-here*/preferences

Scroll down to the section about emails, and deselect “Send me an email for every new post…”

Hi there, ok thanks I’ll try that ;-).

Works like a charm thank you ;-).