HTML audio player will not preview / load

Hi everyone! New member…first post…please be gentle! :wink:

Having trouble getting my audio player to display. It’s similar to Soundcloud in that the audio content is warehoused, and is supposed to work by simply dropping the code into a container. I’ve got it working on another site built with an online builder, but RW doesn’t display it. :frowning:
Is there something simple I’m missing? Does code need to go elsewhere too?
Please advise on how to proceed and if I should post the player’s code in this forum…

Thanks in advance!


How are you hosting the code?

Sorry, I’m a beginner with code and the language, so I’m not sure what you mean. I’ll try to clarify and give some specifics:
The service I use is called VoiceZam (it’s for voice over demos). All my audio gets uploaded to their site / servers and is managed there. On their site, by clicking through a few options, they provide their “base embedding code” that is unique to my demos / player. I copy that code, drop it into a container, and in theory…poof! there’s the player!

NOTE: Ideally, I want to use this in Stacks 3 / Foundation

Sorry, doing support and reading the forums all at the same time, not a good idea. What I meant to ask is how are you hosting the URL to the audio file?

Sorry…was trying to post the script, but (duh!) it was trying to render the HTML and would just show a blank.

Would a screen capture of the code be beneficial here?

@miketee: You write, “I copy that code, drop it into a container, and in theory…poof! there’s the player!”

So what’s the container? Are you using Stacks? And if yes, what kind of stack? The easiest way to do this is to put the embed code in an HTML stack. See if it works then. (You may not be able to tell for sure until it’s published and you look at the website.) There are other ways to embed the code, but there may be some tricks involved. Based on your very general description it’s best to see what happens when you use the simplest, most generic, approach.

Sharing your code probably won’t make a difference: but it does allow us to see if it works for us. Mainly, however, it’s really unclear exactly how you are inserting the code into a RW project.

Hi Mathew,

I’m using RW 6 (fully updated), Stacks 3, Foundation theme and packs. And yes, I was trying to just drop the code into an HTML stack. I even tried Joe Workman’s own HTML stack to see if it made a difference, but it didn’t…

I also tried troubleshooting techniques like using a different theme but nothing worked.

I’m sure it’s probably something simple, but being new to code, etc. …you know :wink:

Weird. I have no idea. And can you share the embed code? I think you can do it like this:

 [code]and here is the code right here[/code]

Notice the brackets with code at beginning and end to surround your embed code.

    // Enter your account ID. You can find this under the Menu item: Help | About \
    var ACCOUNT_ID = 'a20c8faf-176b-4918-b18a-7cdf5a41a6be';\
    // Enter the title of this page. Clicks will appear in your Zamtistics\
    var PAGE_NAME = 'Demos page for Mike Tobin';\
    // NOTE: value can be either 'inline' OR 'popup'\
    var RENDER_MODE = 'inline';\
    // Enter a Demo ID for the default demo to display when the player launches\
    // NOTE: Demo ID's can be by found in the Showcase by clicking the\
    //   gear icon for a specific Demo\
    var DEFAULT_DEMO = 2 ; //  Demo Category Commercial ;\
    //Handle AutoPlay On PageLoad\
    var AUTO_PLAY = false;\
    //Option to show contacts button in player\
    var SHOW_CONTACTS = true;\
<script src="//"></script>\
<script src="//"></script>\
<div id="voiceDemos"></div>

@miketee: Thanks for providing the script. It does not work for me, but the script does seem a little “funky” to me. At any rate, this does not seem to be a RW issue at all. Perhaps someone here who is better at coding than me can help you troubleshoot. But this certainly isn’t the easy kind of embed code that someone like YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud would provide.

I know you’ve probably already done this, but it would seem following through with the folks at VoiceZam is the way to go. I visited their site, but I don’t seem them providing any freely available code for people, so it seems like all the goodness is behind sign in walls.

Hi again all…

I’m still hoping for some help on this please!

So at this point, I’ve tried MAMP (as recommended by RW support) as well as upload the whole site to a brand new domain to test on…The player still won’t show up! :frowning:

I’m really confused because it works fine on a web-based builder.

Is this a problem with the player’s code with regards to RW or vice versa???

Any help is HUGELY appreciated!

Hello Miketee,

I am getting the same problem with the code for a video player. It works fine in other sites and other HTML builders, but it is not displaying in rapidwever. I have tried it over various themes, various html stacks, and even on the html page and it will not work. Can anybody help? See code belwo:




LOL. Just seeing your post right after I posted in your thread!

Fingers crossed that we find help as a team!