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Recently downloaded and started using “AudioPlayer” from StacksForStacks. Put this stack in a stacks-based page and loaded in some sound files (mp3s, and alternate OGG files). This is in RW 7 btw, but the company says the latest Audio Player is fine with v. 7. Previewing (cmd-P) in 3 browsers, I find that the files play perfectly in Firefox and Safari, but not Google Chrome (won’t start playing, period). I have read online of other users having the same problem with Chrome using various players. And yet today I opened someone’s website in Chrome just now and played their sound files (which ARE are mp3s, I checked the code). Anyone had the same issue with “AudioPlayer” - and, hope I hope, found a solution? Thanks!


I’ve tested the Demo page of the AudioPlayer stack in Chrome. The files on that page are MP3 and OGG.

The files are playing in Chrome It could be something wrong at your end? Do you have a link to your website with the issue?

@teefers I think we’ve already sorted this, and determined the issue was with some aggressive Chrome caching still displaying an older page.

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Thanks, Will - but does your reply mean I have no control over this, ie, that no adjustment at my end can have any effect? (If I even knew what to do “correctly.”) I have put in my AudioPlayer stacks and the play fine in preview-to-broser mode in two important browsers, but not in the 2/3 majority browser for most people - Google Chrome. If this can’t be solved, the site I am creating is useless. One more thought: Is it possible these just won’t play in Chrome when using the browser as a preview device, but that the browser might respond when the sight is posted to its host?

Hi @KeithJ,

Myself and others confirm that AudioPlayer is compatible with the Google Chrome web browser and is working for us.

There is nothing in the stack to prevent it playing MP3 files in Google Chrome. I do not have any code in AudioPlayer that tells the stack to disable itself in Google Chrome! :wink:

A lot of these stacks merely act as a wrapper to the HTML5 audio and video standards. A stack like AudioPlayer does not convert or change the playback of these types of files. Most media stacks work to swap the standard controls with customised playback controls and mask all the complicated code behind a posh GUI in Stacks.

So this suggests any problem you are having with audio files playing in Google Chrome is isolated to your particular setup. It could be any one or more of these possible things:

  • The MP3 files you have provided are not true MP3 files and might have been encoded some other way, which a proportion of web browsers (like Google Chrome) do not understand. Simply tagging-on a .mp3 file extension to any audio file does not make it a MP3 file and this is a mistake some RapidWeaver users continue to make. Use Miro converter or Handbrake (both are free downloads) to convert your media files ready for the web.

  • The links you are trying to use are not web safe - they contain spaces or other foreign characters that are not recognized and break the path to the files you are trying to display or play.

  • You are still looking at a cached (older version) of the webpage prior to adding your AudioPlayer stacks or configuring them. Purge your cache or go into Incognito mode. Or you have caching on your web hosting account, like Cloudflare.

  • Something else in the webpage is causing a JavaScript error. Or you have incorrectly configured something; like typing something in a setting box that should not be there. The browser developer tools can often highlight such problems very quickly, in the console tab.

  • There is a rogue extension installed in your version of Chrome that is changing the behavior of HTML5 video and audio playback.

Again both myself and @NeilUK have asked you for an updated URL to the test page, if you are continuing to face problems with using these sorts of stacks in RapidWeaver and Chrome. Otherwise this just becomes a frustrating volley of emails backwards and forwards and takes 100x longer to find you a solution.

A little reminder again that this is how we work and the sort of details that need to be accompanying your support requests:

I’m certain this stack is compatible with Google Chrome and it can be made to work in your setup. :slight_smile:

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