HTML link in footer problem Nick Cates 'Open' theme *Solved*

I have an html link to my website in the standard ‘general settings’ footer field in a client website. However, when clicked, my website link is preceded by the client’s URL and results in a 404. Never seen this before and guessing it is a quirk of the Open theme by Nick Cates. Any ideas welcome.

Link can be tested at - click on the link for Kikk at base of page

And here’s the link: 31

It definitely looks like the theme from @nickcates is adding this via JavaScript?

If I hover on the link in Chrome it shows the garbled address:

If I look at the source code in the DevTootls the address is fine:

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Are you certain the issue is not caused through your use of curvy quotes instead of regular plain text quote marks, in your HTML markup? Nick Cates themes are always well built. I’d be surprised if the theme was the problem.


How do you change this in RW settings? I just typed the link in directly if I remember correctly.

Thanks Will - did the link afresh in Text Wrangler and pasted in - all is now good!

I’m unfamiliar with the ‘Open Theme’ from @nickcates. Can you provide a link? It’s not on


Open is a retired theme design. Retired mainly because Depth can recreate the Open - but in a FAR better way. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.

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