RW 7.5.5 - "Link open i new window" it doesn't work in browsers

I have just discovered that though I check “Link open i new window” in popup window (when using linkbuilder in bottom) it doesn’t work live i browsers - do not know when this phenomena has started - it has worked allright.
Setup in Firefox is “open in new Tab/Window”
In Safari I’ve tried uncheck Cmd+(click) - where default is checked (which open i new Tab)
I’ve read some other topics, but they seem to concern to different stacks
By the way - I think that link to other people’s websites MUST open in a new tab/window

It may be something within the theme.
Which theme are you using?

At I use WeaverTheme “Shift” default - link doesn’t open i new tab/window
Same theme is used at - link open i new tab/window
I have where I also use theme from WeaverTheme “Stuffy” - link open i new tab/window

Believe this is a theme issue, not a RW 7 issue. You can see a test here of 8 of the 9 themes that come with RapidWeaver 7
All of the themes work except one, the first one Affero.

Some of the themes it is hard to tell what the link is, but it is the same word on all of the pages, so find it and you are good to go. I would suggest contacting the theme developer and ask them about it.

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