Https showing problem


I am new in this forum.

Please somebody can help me about a problem I have for my website.

When I go to the website (unsecure), everything appear fine, but with the https background, menu and video(detailling page) are not showing.

Thx in advance all !

Looks like you are using an older version of NickCates Massv them. It has several Mixed Content" errors for things like bootstrap CSS jQuery and FA.

They are trying to load non-sucre http:// content on a secure https://website.

Nick is no longer doing RW stuff, but you can use the order lookup and download the updated version of the theme here:

It’s the first item on the page.

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Thx for your informations
But unfortunately the link doesn’t work !

Isn’t there anyway to have my site secure with this theme ???


Thx in advance


I didn’t know Nick’s old lookups were not working.

RealMac took over Nick’s themes, @dan?

Dear Bennett,

You’ve send me the last version of the theme and you know what… voila !

Everything is working.

I really want to thank you for your help !!!


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