Html link (same page) to container with anchor id

Is it not possible to simply use inline text html link to jump to container on same page ?
if so whats the proper syntax ?

container link is conduit


I would do it like this in Markdown:

because of rodent damage [conduit](#jumphere) is highly recommended

Use a # pound or hash symbol and the name of the ID you want to jump to. In this case, the container has an ID of jumphere.

When the Markdown is parsed, it will output:

because of rodent damage <a href="#jumphere">conduit</a> is highly recommended

Which is the equivalent of an HTML Anchor, whereby you click a link and jump to another section of the page.

If you need to navigate onto another webpage and scoll down to a particular point, then include the page URL before the pound or hash character like this:

because of rodent damage [conduit]( is highly recommended

Of course, there are possibly other ways of doing this. But that’s how I tend to do it. :slight_smile:

thanks for syntax clarification , i like simple … Magellan cost me several hours of bumbling.
since page has basically 2 sections a button on the bottom to pop up to the top will suffice.

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