Links on same page?

I’m having to rebuild my RapidWeaver websites due to a TimeMachine/Backup drive crash. On one of the websites, I have links that refer to other articles and photos on the same page. Just for an example: I am going to use a text stack in which I put click here for contact form. The contact form will be at the bottom of the same page, so I want the click here to link to the contact form.
I have this already on the website I am rebuilding but cannot remember the formula/script/custom attributes to do it.
I appreciate your help.


Getting it to from one page to a point down the same page or another page does need a bit of work in RapidWeaver (anchors aren’t built into the Add Link system directly).

If you are going from one page to another page, then a lot of the time, publishing the page where you want the link to point to before trying to finish the anchor so you can get the URL for the page then add the #link bit on the end for the link that goes to the anchor can make it easier. If you have a link with a value of # that will go to the top of it’s own page, and I often use these to be the anchor links and have the text for them ‘Back to top’ or similar if it’s a long page with multiple paragraphs/points on it.

Check out the attached image on creating the link at the destination point.

If this anchor has a name of link as shown and you are on the same page, then a link value of #link will do the job of taking the visitor to the anchor.

If the page where the anchor exists is at the URL of

then the link on another page to end up at that anchor needs to be

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I’ve been able to get it to go from bottom of page to the top, but, just cannot figure out
how to go from the top of the page to the bottom. I was hoping to put the form on the same page and not have to make a separate page.

You could use Joe’s Link and Anchor stacks

Thanks, have that stack, tried it, did not work, went to workman site for info and looks like the stack only works with the workman foundation theme.

Completely untrue, you can see it working here:

I found that you can use anything that supports a link.
on the links from point you simply add a link with a #name
on the link to side you add a link with a # (URL type)
and add to custom attributes “class” “anchor”
and “name” with a value of the name used.

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Well, I’m impressed.

teefers, I appreciate your help and explanation.

teefers, I’m trying to get this to work. On the link to side do you highlight text? If you do the text you’re linking to disappears in preview and in Safari. What I’m trying to do is link from a menu item down to text further in the page.

The links or anchor if text will show up styled as a link defined by the theme your using.

f you are trying to link to another to another spot on the same page (the anchor point) would have to have a unique name. if you are selecting text as an anchor point then it will look link it is an outbound link. A number of themes underline or highlight external text links, so its best to use somthing else as an anchor point like an image.

joeworkmans free stack:
does work for both, the doc and video are more talking about the link side so I think people get confused.
Put the anchor stack here you want to go, give it a unique name.
The link stack can be used to create a link for stacks that don’t have a link bult in just put it on the page and add the stack.

so to setup an anchor with @joeworkman 's stack place the anchor stack were you want to scroll to, give it a unque name(if you using multiple anchors on same page):

(example using moreinfo)

(This is what the stack will look like in edit mode)

On the link side (were you are linking from) set the link to a URL with just the #info (no href)

This will work for samepage navigation.

@zeebe has a couple of great post on navigating to an anchor on other pages.

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