HTML/Styled Text back-and-forth

To start–I am not programmer or a developer, but I am responsible for getting a few automated emails set up for the company I work for. The client we have to use (don’t ask, long story) doesn’t have a graphical editor; it only allows HTML entries, and I’m frankly just not that good at it.

I have some base code from a developer we hope to never work with again, and it’s not terrible, but I do want to tweak it. Ideally, I’d like to paste the HTML from his work into something that will convert to a visual display, allow me to edit in a visual or styled mode, and then let me pull the HTML back out so it can go into my email client. Make sense? I know I can alter code and then preview but I really am not confident that I won’t break something, and there are some pieces I just flat-out don’t know how to code.

Is there any way to do this in RW or, for that matter, any other program??

Thanks in advance for your patience with my newbie-ness.

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I might be able to help find you a solution, but I will need to see the code to know what the parameters for the end product are.

Would you be able to post the code here or send me a PM?