Ideas Please - Convert RW content to Markdown (content in RW was pasted in as Pages styled text) - Thanks much!

When I took over support of a particular site it contained hundreds of pages where styled (OSX) Pages text had been copied and pasted into text elements. I’d like to convert all this text to Markdown. My main concern is tagging Bold and Italic text as font, size, etc can be set by Theme and CSS).

I think one way to do this is to copy from RW and paste back to Pages, then save as rtf and convert to markdown finally pasting back into RW. I’ve done a few tests and this seems to work OK.

But with hundreds of pages I’m thinking of a more automated approach. Perhaps a script to pull the appropriate html (main content) from exported (local) site and converting the content to markdown.

I’m not necessarily looking for a final solution, (that’s great if it comes) but comment, ideas, etc.

So… Ideas? Thoughts? Comments? I appreciate any and all responses. Thank You.

Have a look at This Site, may be just the ticket.

Scott’s suggestion re: PanDoc is a good one. I’ve heard many good things about it though I have not used it myself. I realize this change is a big one for you, but in the long term it will be much better to have everything in Markdown as opposed to styled Pages text. I hope PanDoc speeds up the process for you, but if not hopefully you can be patient as the conversion process will take awhile to complete manually.

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I’m checking out Pandoc but still would appreciate any other comments. Anyone know of an html to Markup converter that is scriptable? (Works with Applescript)