Html5 audio stack autoplay? Resolved

Making a little birthday slideshow and wanted music to autoplay. Works fine in preview but no autoplay in any published browser or preview browser. Do all browsers now block auto-play?

Slideshow made with Impact, Doobox Typer and HTML5 audio stack in foundation theme

Here is my ver of a BD greeting:
and yes it does not auto play…better to let someone start it anyway…in case they are in an office setting.

Agree in general but this is a birthday one-off for my wife! I think it can be enabled in Browser preferences so will do that.

Like Safari doesn’t allow auto play videos if they contain audio, you would have to start them muted for auto play.

On a Mac It’s something that can be changed in Safari Prefs > Websites > Autoplay but pretty sure its disabled by default and not changeable in iOS

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Thanks for timely topic! I was asked to do music autoplay for art gallery site. Looks like that results would be partial at best with browsers and better have play button.

Yes, a play button is essential now as you can’t expect users to enable auto play in their browser settings.

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