Sound effect not working

I have someone who wants the sound of honking geese to autoplay when a page is opened. I have an HTML stack with the following code:


When I preview it in Rapidweaver, the sound plays properly. However, it doesn’t play on the actual published page in any browser. I checked, and honkers.wav was indeed properly uploaded to the resources folder. Does anyone have any ideas? Here’s the URL of the page in question:


Browsers no longer allow audio to autoplay. You have to enable it in your preferences on a pre-site basis.

I know of a guy that got fired when he went to a site at work and it made noise and his boss was not pleased!!!

Well, I personally HATE autoplaying sounds, and I’d be happy to tell this client that it’s impossible. But what do you mean by “enable it in your preferences on a pre-site basis”? Do you mean that individual users have to change their browser preferences, or do you mean that I’d need to do something in Rapidweaver if I wanted these geese to honk?


Yes. Each user controls what their browser does when visiting a site with auto-play audio. I believe the default behavior on browser is to not auto-play audio.

See Safari’s Preferences - Websites panel.

Safari preferences…

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Thanks. I’ll just leave the code as is–if it plays, it plays. It’s certainly not critical to anything whether it does or it doesn’t. Thanks for all the useful information!

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@joeworkman I’m wondering if some devs have worked out a way around this. Some UK newspapers have recently and quite aggressively started using autoplay videos that you can’t actually stop or silence in situ - you have to silence using the volume mute in your browser tab. And I don’t have them set up to allow auto-play.

What they are doing is letting the video load without autoplay. Then they are using JS to play after a delay once the page has finished loading. That is being a very bad citizen.


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