HTML5 Video stack stopped working in Safari [solved]

I’ve used HTML5 Video a lot for audio playback, and recently the playback has stopped working in Safari. All seems fine in Firefox and Chrome, but nothing happens in Safari, either on my Mac or iPhone

Amy ideas of what I can do?

Here is one page as an example.


Terry Vosbein

Are you using a stack, or is this some code that you put in?

Just the stack. I haven’t changed anything, it just stopped working. I wonder if the latest Safari update has changed how it interprets this stack. I have other pages in a similar situation.

What stack are you using?

HTML5 Video

Mac OS 10.15.6
Safari Version 13.1.2 (15609.

It’s working/playing here for me!

Thanks for checking. I’ve got Safari ver. 14. I wonder if that is the cause of the problem.

Not working on Safari Version 14.0 (14610. macOS 10.14.6 (18G6020) or iPadOS 14.0.1 Safari.

So I’d say it’s something to do with the latest Safari. I checked a couple demo sites with audio and video and they work okay with safari.

Is that the “HTML5 Video” stack from Joe Workman (Weaver space) or the one from Barz Stacks, or something else?

I don’t see a meta tag for any video stack on that page. I see an “audio mp3”, but I don’t know who “com.symfonip.stacks.audiomp3” is?

yes, from Joe Workman. I have the latest version (4.5) and the latest versions of Rapidweaver and the plugins.

SymfoniP company is out of business for at least 3 years now. Perhaps—after all—the stack Terry is referring to is not from Joe? It would be worth checking and replacing it with a modern stack?

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That’s strange and I don’t see the meta tag for that. I don’t have @joeworkman’s HTML5 Video stack.

Is there a reason you are using a video stack to play audio?

I use this stack for audio because that is one of its features and it always worked seamlessly.

My error. I use Joe’s stacks on most pages, but not this one. I have the outdated HTML5/Flash Audio MP3 Stack from SymfonP (?). It worked for years, but apparently not on Safari v14. I suppose I’ll have to update all of those pages. I’d love to be able to find one like this. I just drop one copy of the stack on the page and it converts links to mp3 files into players.

Thanks for the help. Sorry for the incorrect info.

Check out @willwood inline player stack.

There’s a free demo you can try. The demo page works. @joeworkman also has HTML5 Audio.

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Thanks. Inline Player did the trick. I have Joe’s HTML5, but for this purpose, Inline Player was it. I appreciate the help.

You should really change the title of this thread as it has nothing to do with the HTML5 Video stack.

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