Http:// in Rapidweaver

Just wondered if anyone successfully used this service in a prject, especially on Stacks pages.

I just put it on my Armadillo blog and really like the style, but not sure where to start in using it on a stacks page.

It lists there are 2 sets of code to add. It was easy in Armadillo, but where would this go in Rapidweaver? Thanks


I don’t use it, there are many stacks and Themes that do this directly without the need for a 3rd party service.

Now, regarding the 2 sets of code…

Is one a script? if yes, then this will likely go in the Head section

Is the other an HTML block of code? If yes, this would go into an HTML stack.

Without seeing the blocks of code it is tough to advise…


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Will try that out and report back, thanks.

I like the design of the floating side bar, hence the reason for the 3rd party solution

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