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Hi. Just some general points about RapidWeaver that I need clearing up.

I’ve been using RapidWeaver for years hosting some simple sites, in order to give myself a presence. In the past I’ve used third party themes, but have seen some in v 8 that look great as they are. But I’ve few questions as I’m trying to take it a bit further and blog, sell things, create a landing page and so on.

How much control is there in the themes that come with RW8? How much can the themes do, and at what point do I have to purchase an external one. I love the look of Artful, but can I get it to do the things I need - a blog page, a selling page, a landing page an so on. By that I mean can I make the RW theme have a good blog, etc. Are these add ons I have to purchase? I really like how Artful looks, so can I keep that look or do I have to go elsewhere and purchase a theme to give me everything I need.

Regarding blog issues, when I preview RW in Safari I can see the Archive and Feeds in the sidebar, but not when I publish. (This also happens in the theme I purchased as well as Artful)

Can I do all those other things in the RW themes, or do I need to purchase one from a developer.

I think what I need is a nice thick “Idiots Guide” to Rapid Weaver, if such things exist. Is there something like that on-line?

Thanks so much - Nigel

I’m only a novice though I’ve been using RW some time, since RW7.
You can do most things you want with the basic RW but there are purpose built stacks by developers that will make any page more ‘powerful’ or easier to create/maintain. Take your time and try using what you have first. It’s pretty flexible.
But I would recommend Poster Stack by inStacks software if one of your primary aims is blogging.
It’s great and the tutorials great :wink: There is a demo and you can determine if you might find it useful.
Themes are personal, I’m in the process of updating mine …
Good luck.

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Thanks so much for your help. The Poster Stack looks excellent.

All the best - Nigel

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