Https cert should I buy anyway? AND a Cookies question

Is it recommended that I buy https cert for clients new site? There is no input sections or shopping cart , but I feel the not secure message looks bad

The “not secure” message has been happening on the majority(chrome) of browsers for quite a while. It’s new to Safari.

You definitely should be using https if you want higher SERP rankings as well as insure your customers privacy.

As for “buying” a certificate I would have second thoughts about who you’re hosting with.

Most good hosting companies are and have been offering free certificates from sources like let’s Encrypt. It doesn’t cost them a penny, other than a little setup time.

Selling certificates is just windfall profit for them.

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I believe it looks unprofessional without one… It isn’t that expensive. I would.

Thank you for the advice.

I was surprised that thy said I had to pay for it. It is a hosting company in Ireland that I have not used before. I have to stay with them though. They have yet to give me a price.

This brings me to another question … Its a site for Ireland and the same message telling me that is not secure is also telling me that I’m using cookies. This is because of a twitter feed embed.

So that means I must add a hideous pop up cookie accept pop up?

You do not need to buy any SSL certificates. They should be free… Find a new host if they are trying to charge you. That is B.S.

Also, listen to this…

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If you really have to stay with them, then you can get rid of the not secure message with CloudFlare:

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I dream of a day when for those of us that do not collect information on our sites, the https certificate process becomes simple and easy.

All modern sites should be https:// and if yours is not, Google will lower your ranking.

@barchard at Chillidog Hosting offers FREE SSL on all sites.

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Thanks LaPan,

Believe me… I have every site I can with Chillidog. Usually I would transfer the client to chilli … but in this case its a client in Ireland. They have a set up already and about 80 emails etc set up. So I dont want to change hosting.
They have come back with a price of 125 for set up and 80 euro per year… which seems to be standard for those companies that do not offer it for free. In this case its just worth it to say yes ok. Actually the only reason is to get rid of the not secure message … it just looks so bad !

fyi, Greg will move any and all of those sites/emails for you if you’d be interested (as long as you choose the annual plan). Also, we do have a EU server option (at no extra cost) also.

Just in case it helps :wink:

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