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Do I need a SSL certificate for my website if I am using Rapid Cart Pro with PayPal only?

Are there any pages which should not be indexed for security?

Ideally, if you are selling anything through your website, you should have SSL. That being said I now have SSL on every website that I do. It increases the security and personally, I think it looks quite cool having a little green lock in the URL bar :slight_smile:

If you are selling you simply must have security but its a good idea for all sites and all pages.

Google is starting to “forcefully nudge” it in that direction anyway.


You don’t need it per se, with Rapid Cart Pro + Paypal. However, as Scott and Dylan say, it’s a good idea for customer peace of mind (now) and browser compatibility (in the near future).
Cloudflare can get you there for free. If your host supports Lets Encrypt, you can get it free that way too, so it doesn’t need to be an extra cost.

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It is my understanding that there are two types of SSL. Shared SSL and Dedicated SSL. Most of the “FREE” SSL you see advertised as SSL ready is a shared certificate and it is for the shared server. With this you can do Amazon Pay, Paypal, etc. But to actually take CC info ON YOUR SITE (collect cc info) and process cards yourself you must have Dedicated SSL. Search the web for both terms “Shared SSL” and “Dedicated SSL.”

I maintain a site that takes and collects card info. We had to get a dedicated SSL to get card processing.

I am not an expert… your experience may vary.

Thanks everyone…

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