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Hi, following the RW E-commerce course for RapidCart, I succeeded in setting up my fist selling website using Cloudflare. Now my ISP is blocking Cloudflare so that we have to buy their SSL certificate. I’m looking for recommendations for good hosting companies who offer free or low cost SSL as standard. Many thanks.

Search for hosting that offers Lets Encrypt, a free ssl solution, it’s picked up in adoption a lot and should be widely available.

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I think you meant your hosting company not your ISP(Internet Service Providers). Just curious as to how they blocked CloudFlare? You of course can sign up for a CloudFlare account outside of the hosting company. CloudFlare does much more than SSL certificates.

Anyway lots of hosting companies now offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates, I use and am very happy with DreamHost.

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@barchard of Chillidoghosting not only provides free security certs. But also gives great service and will migrate your site for free.


@swilliam :metal:

@Garymac Happy to help answer any questions you may have or help get you migrated. Yes, Chillidog Hosting offers everyone free SSL certificates on their domain. They’re installed automatically for you when you add a domain. They’re also automatically renewed for you. There is no need for CloudFlare so there is nothing extra to manage :slight_smile:

Let me know and I’ll be happy to help.



It’s common courtesy to mention you’re dropping an affiliate link when selling someone’s service. (or so I’ve been told - many times :wink: )

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I use Siteground, been with them for a few years now.
Reasonable pricing and include Lets Encrypt SSL and Cloudflare at no extra.
Support is good too.

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Yes you’re right I meant hosting company. They sell SSL certificates from £60 per year for the basic one. Strange thing is I got Cloudflare’s free SSL working on the first site following Ben Counsel ‘s RW course video instructions. This despite Heart Internet stating that they don’t allow 3rd party SSL. This 2nd site (using a newly registered domain) ain’t working with Cloudflare which is frustrating to say the least. Cheers, G

Yes I agree, however in this case I think Heart internet have had this policy ever since they started selling (expensive) SSL add-ons and it was just a fluke that I managed to get Cloudflare working on a domain I’ve had for years. My theory is that this current issue is related to the fact that I only registered this new domain via HEART hours before attempting to integrate Cloudflare.

Love the name Chilli Dog Hosting. That alone makes me want to switch over especially since we grow :hot_pepper: :blush:. Will definitely check this out.

nice, I do too! unfortunately, not very successful at it and only for personal enjoyment :slight_smile:

Just quite looking and go to Chillidog. I am a web hobbyist and they are incredibly helpful.

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Just took at a look at your website, I was a little confused at Rapidweaver and Wordpress being crossed out. Does that mean you no longer support Rapidweaver and Wordpress or am I reading this wrong?

Sorry for the confusion. Definitely support RapidWeaver and Wordpress. It’s meant to read “web hosting done right” :slight_smile:


I wondered if it was an edit error. Many thanks! I’ll put chilidog on my short list when my hosting renews. It’s always better to have recommendations!

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First reaction I wondered the same. I get the tongue-in-cheek gesture but it might be better to communicate this in a different way. :wink:


Add the word All in front of web hosting, just say’n


Thanks everyone for yout most helpful comments. In the end I called my supplier, Heart Internet (acquired by GoDaddy in 2016) and they agreed a significant discount so they are now in line with many of their competitors. My problem is most of my clients need on-site support in setting up their email and the logistics of traveling round to reconfigure their accounts would be a headache. Once you’re tied into a reseller account it can be quite an undertaking to jump ship. I chose Heart internet several years ago because they were quite small (compared to the giants) and I liked that, but now they are part of a bigger operation. It’s just the way things go I guess. Like all BIG companies you just have to keep asking for a better deal because customer loyaly ain’t what it used to be. :slight_smile:

PS Will certainly keep these recommendation on the radar for the future.

Acquired by GoDaddy?


Yip. More specifically they “joined forces” with HEG of which Heart are a subsidiary. Let’s hope RapidWeaver doesn’t sell out. Tho’ one can’t blame business owners for yielding to temptation when a good offer comes along.