I have pasted the html for two different You Tube videos on a single page. Sometimes the videos are displaced and shown in the incorrect section. Can this be cured? This seems to happen unpredictably and at random but almost always if a download link is clicked on the same page.

The videos are embedded in Elixir’s Timeline app.



You have a lot of different effects going on with that page. Image lightbox galleries, videos, etc. all wrapped up in a timeline. So you may want to systematically remove some types of things (e.g. lightbox galleries) and see if that cures the problem. (Of course, it may create another problem: how to handle the lightbox galleries in a different way.)

OTOH I could not replicate what you were say. I had no problems.

… since most of your images on your page are not lightboxed, I’m not sure having a small number lightboxed is going to be an “intuitive” experience for your users. You could add them without the lightbox gallery easy enough. But, again, I’m not experiencing any problems.

… perhaps empty your browser’s cache and try again?

Thank you! for that reassurance. I will experiment as you suggest.


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