Gallery page not rendering correctly

(Peter Trinder) #1

My site , has several Gallery pages. On one of them called ‘and some foreign ones…’ it does not render in the way the other galley pages are doing. Any ideas what has gone wrong? (RW 7.0.2)

(Rob D) #2

Looks like your rw_common folder is out-of-sync.

Re-publishing your site should fix this. You could use your local folder to do that. If you did not make any changes to your project, upload just the fresh rw_common folder to the server (after deleting the older one). If you did make changes to your project, upload the affected page(s) as well.You will need a 3rd party FTP app to do the deleting and uploading (Transmit, Yummy, etc.).

Of course, you could also delete all your files from the server and then upload the entire site…