Gallery Stack 3.6.1

This is not working as it should. no way of skipping to next photo when a photo is opened

Hi David, thanks for your clear message.

This sounds like that

  • the light box doesn’t open correctly
  • you see the picture in full screen
  • because of this, you don’t have the navigation functionality available

This is most probably caused by a JavaScript error on the page (not caused by Gallery Stack), which, unfortunately, breaks all following JavaScript (and therefore also the light box).

So, please post here a link to the published website in order to be able to help you.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

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its not only this software but other gallery software too. some light boxes work some do not.

nick cates photo software works ok and some combinations in gallery stacks are ok…others are not…in preview they dont work either.

@Godber You are simply providing more description of the situation (which may or may not help). Someone like @instacks really does need to see a practical example. Without a link to an example page not much can be done.


I know but I’m experimenting at the mo…thought id create a new page to show the problem with just the gallery stack installed but it works perfectly so it must be another stack interfering with it.

We can help you with this also.

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removed the transition stack which is part of the foundry thunder pack and it all works ok!!! interesting

I don’t have that package, so, if you could post a test page here, I can check.


dont want to post here as site is still being developed and dont want any tom dick or harry jumping in yet

Then what are you doing here? You find an issue pointing out to a suspect, developer of your suspect want to help you, and you refuse… weird posting, sorry.


Are you the developer

You can also send me a direct message inside this forum or email: inStacks Software | Contact

Not having a go at you directly David but opening with:

Is the quickest way to get snide or snippy replies.

I’ve just replied to another thread titled RW bug that is clearly a MacOS permissions problem and not a RW bug, I’m sure my reply is snippy but it does get tiresome when fellow users wont do a little digging before they post.


Tagging @Elixir. It definitely appears to be tied to the Transition stack from Foundry Thunder pack. No javascript errors on my test, but it is interfering with the Gallery stack lightbox.

Sometimes, 2 stacks are just not compatible with each other :man_shrugging:

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Good morning @Godber and @DLH

As @instacks points out, sometimes stacks just aren’t compatible with one another because of how they function. That said, if either @DLH or @Godber want to send me an email with a ZIP file containing a simple project file that shows this problem, along with a copy of the gallery stack you’re attempting to use, I will see if I can’t take a look at it.

Also, while I’m here – have you tried using the Gallery stack that comes with Foundry already in your project instead?

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I’ve no idea what the transition stack is but I’d put a little money on it rendering with a higher z value than the gallery and thus covering the next/prev controls on the gallery with a transparent barrier.

Or, try another transition stack :wink:

its not a problem as I was just experimenting with the thunder pack stacks…but to say try another transition stack when I’ve paid good money for the stacks I have is not really good enough, if your car has a problem you don’t just go out and say get another car do you!!