Hunting for a Modal type stack

I am sure it was a stack that I saw, and not a theme, thought I’d written it down but can’t find it anywhere.

So, am looking to click on an image and then the image morphs into a lovely modal that splits into 2 columns, image on one side and text on the other, can’t remember if it took up whole screen, but it was quite large.

Don’t think it was the Focus stack as I don’t recognise the button animation.

Does it ring any bells with anyone?

Not quite what you described, but perhaps this is it?

Foundation Stacks Lightbox Reveal set to 100% with a 2 Col inside it will do this.

@koles I’ve just had a look, but no that’s not the one! It’s almost like a combination between the Bloom (with the sleek image motion) and Focus stack (using the image thumbnails and not buttons)…

Thanks @webdeer but not using Foundation on this project this time!

Hey @CoffeeBeans, maybe one of these is the one you’re looking for:

you could try to achieve something like that with peek a boo

Perhaps it was FancyViewer or TopBox you saw?

This is the demo for FancyViewer which combines a left-floating image with text:


That’s it @rolisize!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone else for your help. Mystery solved!

@willwood I have Fancy Viewer and Top Box and I have had a play with FV which does the two columns nicely, so will use this option if I don’t use the ImagePlus. FV will give me more flexibility with column widths I think (not sure I can alter them in ImagePlus), but without the animation. Will need to work out my priorities!

Thanks again!