I am looking for someone start an automobile enthusiast website

I am a software developer, but not a website expert. I could spend the hours learning the basics, but am looking for someone to put together a “shell” of a site for me that I can then take and flesh out and learn RapidWeaver and Stacks 4 etc.


You could just start a site at a free board ; https://www.proboards.com/forum-directory
It has a lot of advantages, learning to use RW could come later with something simpler.

I am interested. I love automobiles as well, and feel I can come up with an intuitive sexy design

Why not start with a pre built template?

You realize you are asking a lot, without any further input?
You could just try playing with any free (donation :wink: ) theme, like this one as your main page.
or as the subpage to another from here.
There are many other theme developers.

You can get some inspirationhere.

True… I appreciate your input.

Scott Esker

(512) 623-0810

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