Template suggestion

Hi all. Just updated to version 6 after not using rapid weaver for about a year. I have a need for a website for an auto repair shop. I’ve found some nice html templates but would like to do this in RW. Any recommendations that show the template in use for a car repair shop so I can better visualize the end result? Thanks.

Why not use one of the 4 templates out there that allow you to design the site the way you want.
Foundation by Joe Workman
FreeStacks by BlueBall
Bootsnap by Yabdab
Pure by 1LD

All the theme designers show multiple sample pages and, while probably none of them have an auto repair shop example, I’d have though that several would have examples which would show their potential for your site. Have a look for themes at the RapidWeaver add-ons site: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/themes/newest – there are so many to choose from!

I’ve used all the themes @zeebe mentions apart from Pure (which looks very good) and they’re all excellent. If you want some of the basics handled for you rather than starting with a blank Canvas, you might look at the many excellent themes from ThemeFood which have BootStrap underpinnings.