I am suffering from damn SPAN tag made in Text or Paragraph stack

I am trying to build one multi-language website.
When I type something in the text stack or paragraph stack, it automatically appends “SPAN” tag with Apple Fonts.

For instance,

<span style="font:12px AppleSDGothicNeo-Regular; ">TEST </span>(<span style="font:12px AppleSDGothicNeo-Regular; ">TEST PARAGRAPH</span>

Because of this, I cannot apply any fundamentally customized font style like “Lead Paragraph” or different CSS style based on the size of media in width.

Is there any way not to append “SPAN” tag in text or paragraph stack?
Or Is there any way to remove all the “SPAN” tag?

Most of the time, It happens when I type the language other than English.

Hmm… Try to select the whole text, and select “Ignore Formatting” from the HTML sub-menu.

It does not help actually.
I want to color some but anything cannot be applied in that way.

Have you tried creating the paragraph in Textedit then copying and pasting it into your stack?

Yes, my new friend “SPAN” is always there :smiley:
I am now using Header stack instead for some cases…

@dps – How are you implementing multi-lingual ability in your website? Are you using a stack like Localizer from InStacks or RWML from TsoojMedia?

I suspect that something in your multi-lingual setup is screwed up and causing this strange behavior.

I am just making two copies of website without any utilities or stacks for localizing.
SPAN is automatically appended when I type in other languages other than English.
It does not happen when typing in the stacks which are not allowing to change the format of the inside text via format menu at the bottom of rapidweaver.

Do you have two separate projects (one for each language), or are you trying to make two copies of each page in different languages in the same project?

What I’m getting at is the fact, that you are supposed to declare language for text you are typing – maybe RW is trying to give you a hint?

I am using the RWML stack for my 3-lingual website and I use this kind of code to declare the language (note the <span> code:

<span lang="DE">Add your Text here in German</span>