I have a list of names within a 4 col. Stack on a page. I am highlighting a name, clicking the Link button, navigating to that persons photo, which is in a photo gallery, creating the link, things looks great. But, in Preview, that name is NOT a link

(Carolyn Monson) #1

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure, but a couple of things, you said you navigate to the person’s photo in a photo gallery. Is the person’s photo on a page by itself? What photo gallery are you using?
Your screen shot shows a message with “missing page !”.
When you set a link to another page, you need to just select the page from the drop down menu.

(Carolyn Monson) #3

The photo gallery is built into Rapid Weaver. It as been so long since I created it that I can’t remember how it was done anymore. The very first time I tried it this morning (for 1 person) , I went on the Web and it worked! I was thrilled. I then linked the names of many - it took some time - but the links did not remain after clicking out of that page. Now, no matter how I try, I can’t seem to duplicate that 1 success. I got the idea to do this because, while working on this area of the Web site, I saw that people’s names (people who are in the photo gallery) were showing up as I was creating a different link - when I saw the names I had actually navigated to the wrong place and had to take a step back. I am really baffled by this. I could only post 1 screen shot so I picked the one where it showed “missing page.” I also took a screen shot that shows the link correctly - but it doesn’t keep it :frowning: Sigh.

(Doug Bennett) #4

I’m no expert on the included Photo Album, but the link should be select the page your photo album is on and then the name of the photo. The name should be what is in the caption on the Album page, if no caption it will be the file name.

Make sure you hit "set Link"
Make sure the photo is on the album page

A URL to you page would be helpful.

(Carolyn Monson) #5

One thing I now realize that I failed to mention is the the area/pages involved are behind Page Safe which requires a PIN. I do not feel comfortable sharing the PIN with you for the Rapid Weaver world to see. If you would consider e-mailing me at carolyn.monson@me.com I will do so with just you. I appreciate your interest in this problem of mine. Maybe I should seek advice from Joe Workman who developed Page Safe to see if that has anything to do with it. hmmmm

(Doug Bennett) #6

I don’t think I’m the best person to help you with this, I have never used the photo album plug in.
Might want to check with someone from realmac.
The photo album plug in does use php so could be a version issue or something to do with pagesafe.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

No, the photo album plug in generates plain HTML, no PHP is involved.

@Grandma maybe it is possible to create a separate test page for us, where you perform same steps, which you are able to share with us (so that no pin is required)?

(Carolyn Monson) #8

Because I was asked to send a ‘separate test page’ I have discovered that if the album in not behind Page safe I can link to it and it all works.

S0, I consider my problem solved. I could not have done it with out the effort you guys put forth to help me. Thank you so much.