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I’m going to attach a picture of my picture page, in RW. I have the latest version, I always upgrade as soon as possible. My links bar is over the words, I can’t find a way to move the words down… Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you very much in advance!! Happy New Year from Maui!

Without a link to the website it is difficult to say.

Is this the default Photo Album?

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

What @instacks said about a link. But as a guess, what happens when you increase the margin above the heading? Doesn’t that move the whole thing down?

I’m assuming this is a Stacks page by the way.


Seems to be WeaverPix Plugin when looking at the page icon, isn’t it?

Yes, it looks like the CarouFredSel Weaverpix theme.

OK, if you go into Themes in WeaverPix and select the one you’re using (like I say, it looks like CarouFredSel) then click the Options tab. Scroll down and you’ll see a setting that lets you increase the top margin. Try increasing that and see if it works.


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Sorry… my website: www.hawaiiankoaturner.com It is a Stacks page. I think maybe I bought the picture viewer. Thanks for the help!! Let me know what else you need!! Aloha

Ill try that right now… Stand by, lol

I’m publishing it to see if anything changes, but a preview shows no changes. I even went up to 40px …

No changes… Odd… Anything else we can try?

I also tried to move the words in the content area down, no luck…

Ah, I think that adding more margin only affects the actual carousel.

OK, there are two ways to do this.

  1. The elegant way is to go to ask @willwood who’s the brains behind Weaverpix to help you solve the problem
  2. The kludgy way is to insert as many <br> above your heading as you need to move it down.