I have the Zest project from Hipster Weaver,

I have sent hipsterweaver an email, but it was undeliverable ???

I was going to ask the boss man about changing Zest from a Single Page project, (it uses the Magellan stack for this, which to me seems to be far to complicated for me LOL) to a more normal Multi Page project with Sub Pages.

Is it simply a matter of changing to the Top Bar stack, or perhaps the “mymenu” stack ?


Hey Timmy Toad.

What address did you use? I am at hipster@hipsterweaver.com?

Did it have a large attachment?

Do you want to break Zest up into multiple pages? This is very easily achieved. You could keep Magicgellan use the magic zone stacks. Or just replace it with Foundation Topbar or another menu?

Be happy to look at this for you in my Hipster Room on wednesday 22.00 uk time.

Any questions please shout!

Thanks for your response John, i have now sent you an Email, i obviously found the wrong address for you.

Yeah that is my general idea, is to use the bits i like in Zest to make a site with multiple pages.

possibly using magicgellan :slight_smile: and the magic zone stacks.


Completely my fault Tim. The support email was updated last month and I didn’t do it on my site! Big Error on my part. Sorry about that.

Will mail you back ASAP.

Anyone reading this post needing Hipster Weaver support please mail: hipster@hipsterweaver.com