Contacting Jon AKA the Hipster Weaver

(Adam Keisner) #1

Hi, Does anyone please know how to contact Jon the Hipster Weaver? None of the contact links off of his site work, they just bounce back. I’ve recently bought one of his hipster themes ‘Professional’ and I’m having some issues with it. Mainly I’d like to know what size the images need to be on the home page to fit within the site.
If anyone knows a contact for him, please advise?

Thanks, Adam

(Rob Beattie) #2

Try mentioning @hipsterweaver here in the forum and he should get a notification. Now you don’t need to, 'cause I’ve already done it.


(Adam Keisner) #3

Thanks Rob, I hope he reaches out

(Rob Beattie) #4

He’s also got his own forum over at if you haven’t checked that out.


(Jason Bostick) #5

I’m not at my RW computer currently but I have a couple of his projects and I seem to remember full background images being 1400 wide.

(Gary) #6

If it helps I always make BG images 2560px wide for the large screen and 1000px wide for the small screen and use JPEGmini to optimise them.

(Adam Keisner) #7

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help, Gary, when you say ‘small screen’ do you mean for the mobile option? Is JPEGmini a piece of software? Sorry kinda newbie here to foundation and hipster stuff.

Thanks, Adam

(Gary) #8

@Siteguy I mean the BG images used in SectionsPro which I am pretty sure that HipsterWeaver uses. They are the ones use in the Section Background and are labelled Mobile and Large.

JPEGmini is an App from the App store with is well worth buying but there is a trial version which will optimise 20 images per day which may be enough. It also resizes images too so is very useful.

(Brian LaPan) #9

Jon (Hipster Weaver) does have a support page, btw:

(Jon Hawkins ) #10

Hey guys. my email is

My mailbox was full and I wasn’t alerted so apologies to people who had trouble getting hold of me. I am very much hear and ready to help whenever with my customers.

New project theme coming soon! “EXPLORE” :slight_smile: