Weaveraddons FX Slider stack

Hi guys. I hope this isn’t out of line but I was wondering if anyone has Weaveraddons’ FX Slider Stack that they wouldn’t mind sharing with me? I tried to purchase it a few times over the last month but their online cart no longer works. I emailed them as well. It appears that they have disappeared from the RW scene a few years ago?

whoops read that wrong. NM

Yes, they are gone, and have been for a while. I would suggest, that unless you are using older versions of Stacks and RapidWeaver that you try to find what you want somewhere else. I am not sure, but even if the developer is not around, freely giving of stacks or themes are just wrong.

I purchased two of 1LD’s sliders for this project but I had my heart set on FX Slider.

If the developer doesn’t respond to emails, they’ve completely left the scene and if I’ve tried to purchase their product numerous times without success, I personally don’t see a problem with sharing a copy of one of their stacks that’s already a few yeas old and has no hope of being updated. Of course if the developer came back I would gladly pay him.

I even offered to PayPal him for the stack, since his Cartloom account is no longer active. No response.

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Any moral obligations aside, if it hasn’t been updated in a long time, I’d be more concerned about spending time building something out and then have it break or be incompatible with a theme or browser and having nowhere to turn for support.

I agree, distributing addons (even those which appear to be dead, obsolete and unsupported) sets a dangerous precedent and should be avoided.

Of note, FX Slider uses an old version of the Skitter slideshow effect, which is available opensource. The former LiquidGallery stack from RWExtras.com also used the same plugin. It is my intention to bring LiquidGallery back again (a lot of people have been asking for an updated responsive version) so I shall look at updating it with the latest version of Skitter, subject to license agreements etc.


What is it you like about the slider? Maybe there’s an alternative that would do the job?


I just like the transitions. They’re really smooth and subtle.

Have you looked at Refined Slider? The demo doesn’t show all of the transitions available from memory but I seem to remember it had a few unusual ones.

And because it’s from S4S, you can download it and try it out for free.


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Yes, it was the first one I looked at. But none of the five Box Rain transitions work. It just abruptly shows the next slide. Stacks 4 Stacks is generally pretty great, though.

That’s odd. I see what you mean. I wonder what the explanation for that is @willwood?


Thanks for your help, everybody. I love this community. So helpful.

I’m going to reach out to the developer and ask if that’s a bug or just a limitation of the demo.

I’ve got the full stack here and it’s doing the same thing.

Ah, so it’s not just the demo?

I emailed the developer. If they can fix it I’ll purchase it immediately. After playing around with it a bit It’s a fantastic slider. Downright classy, actually.

Ok, I’m talking to Will, the developer, as we speak, trying to figure out why the Box transitions aren’t working. I updated to the latest version of the demo which was released today and cleared the Safari cache, as instructed, but the Box transitions still aren’t working in the RW preview nor Safari. They do work in Chrome and Firefox.

I’m waiting to hear back from him now and will report back once I have some more info.

If anyone wants to see you can check out the test page here. The transitions are set to “Box Rain” but they don’t work, they just flip: http://www.rev9.biz/test/

This is interesting: I was able to get all the transitions to work by turning off AdBlock (or AdBlock Plus) in Safari. When I turn AdBlock back on, the Box transitions stop working again. I found that merely whitelisting the domain in either ad blocker won’t work, you have to turn the extension off in Safari prefs.

However, I still can’t get those transitions to work in RapidWeaver’s built-in preview window. Weird.

I reported this to Will, hopefully it will help him figure stuff out.

I’m going to go ahead and purchase RefinedSlider, anyway. I love the automatic thumbnail generation, the easy drag-and-drop interface and the quality of the transitions. It’s probably the nicest, easiest, most customizable slider stack I’ve seen for RapidWeaver. On top of that, I want to support Will and Stacks4Stacks. Every stack developer should provide free demos like they do.


Ad blockers can block a lot of things like social icons and some effects.

I did check you test site on an iPad and works fine.

Thanks for checking.

I still don’t understand why the Box transitions don’t work in RapidWeaver itself. If the ad blockers are causing the problems with Safari, why would the problem still be there in RapidWeaver?You have to Publish your site and view it on the web for those to work.

The preview in RW is not a full browser. You can right click the page and-and select preview in> then choose a browser.
or from edit menu select preview page in:

Right but it doesn’t show the Box transitions in Safari with those methods. Even if ad blockers are turned off. The only way to view the Box transitions is if you publish it on the web and view from Safari without ad blockers.