I need a new website!

Hi, I like Rapidweaver and managed to put together my own site ages ago, but I need a total revamp and simply don’t have the time (or inclination) to pick it all up again… However I’m keen to stick with Rapidweaver as in theory, I’ll be able to update content pretty easily once the initial design is done and the site up. We sell niche SaaS into big businesses so there is no shopping cart or anything like that, but slick and professional is what I’m after… We have 3 product lines so there will be quite a bit of content. I’m after original graphics as well as a decent templated design - happy to pay the usual going rates… and I want to start next week… anyone interested?

Sure - have a look at https://pretty-good-websites.com. I just finished a project for a US customer, so I have an additional reference coming up :grinning:

Hi Linda,
you can take a look at my website if you like. I am a graphic designer as well as a RW webdesigner. My other site, https://www.webdesign-prepress.com/, exists only in dutch for the moment. I have to translate it in english and french.



Hi Linda,
Davide here at Foundation Box Studio. I would love to have a chat with you about this.
At https://foundationbox.studio/ you can find some of our designs for the RW community, I’ll be happy to show other websites we have built for other clients.
Send me a PM and we can get on it right away.