I need personalized RapidWeaver services from a pro

(Rick Hornay) #1

I need a “pro” that can help me get my website up and running FAST! Anyone that can recommend someone who can give me personalized RapidWeaver services to get my “simple” website up and running. Please let me know ASAP

I will pay for your quick help.


(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Hi, I am happy to help you. I just helped to setup and run www.stlouisrenewed.org and you can see my references at https://www.webseiten-gestalter.de (even though that page is in german). Drop me a mail at fuellemann@gmx.de please and tell me what you need.

(Rob Hall) #3

I’d be happy to take a look at what you need.
Reference sites: http://rjh-webdesign.com, http://rapidweaver.ninja
Contact me.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #4

Hi Rob http://rjh-webdesign.com/ looks great, beautiful tidy design. Easy to understand.

Also just saw that you are living in Thailand, I’m considering to move to Costa Rica or Thailand. Will get back to you on private message related, maybe not a topic to talk on the forums.

(Rob Hall) #5

Hi Konstantijn, look forward to hearing from you.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #6

Hi Rick @Rick, my suggestion;
Rob @mabinogion would be a good choice to get your site up and running. Have a look at his website http://rjh-webdesign.com/ and http://rapidweaver.ninja/ so you can see that he deliver excellent work at the best price :+1:

NB. Nothing wrong with the rest of the designers of course, it’s just a suggestion.

(LJ) #7

Happy to help and host if required. We have about 50 RW sites built and hosted. Our new website shows some - although still a bit more work to do: http://kikk.co.uk

Hosting here would of course allow you to take over the RW project and edit as you wish with full cPanel access.

(Keith Flanagan ) #8

The rule of thumb is you can have Fast, Good, Cheap - Pick 2. Personally, I would not take a client that wanted something done as a rush. Quality takes time and building a website is thousands of decisions. The OP also said that his site is “Simple”. There is no such animal. I would suggest that the OP do a lot of research to determine needs, costs and functionality before just saying I need something fast.

The lesson is “Be careful what you ask for” you just might get it.

(Edward Anderson) #9

I can personally recommend @jochenabitz - His assistance in helping me get my new site https://grandvictoriacruises.com/ up and functional with Total CMS and Foundation was huge! (Bigly even) :slight_smile:

Jochen is a professional that works incredibly fast, is happy to share his knowledge so you learn from the experience and in our case was very affordable.

All of a sudden


(Konstantijn Van Calster) #10

Must say Edward that https://grandvictoriacruises.com is a beautiful clean site. Great work of @jochenabitz :+1:

(Rick Hornay) #11

Hey Rob-

I was given your name by TINO Konstantijn Van Claster.

This is what I have


I currently think the site looks clunky and dated. I need something slicker looking and some way to add more work as I get it to the site.

I do not have a domain name or a host and would like some recommendations on where I should go.


Rick Hornay

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #12

Hi Rick I had just a look at your site http://www.rickhornay.cottsinc.com and yes indeed still a lot to do to get it right.
You will need to follow some directions, see if Rob @mabinogion sort you out, the community or if not I’m more than happy to help, just drop a mail to: kvcwebdesign@icloud.com .

As a domain name I would recommend a short name that’s easy to remember, in balance with your activity and SEO friendly.
As host I’m using Little Oak Hosting with a 24/7 support (LiveChat). 24/7 LiveChat support is always a great help.


(Rob Hall) #13

Hi Rick,
I replied to your private mail. If you didn’t see my reply yet, please check your spam.


(Rick Hornay) #14

Yes, I got what you sent me and it looks great. I’ll get back to you this weekend. Thanks