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Hi, we are a Dutch crossmedia company.
For several of our clients we use Rapidweaver for website development and Email Newsletter development.
Our Rapideaver setup contains Foundation , Stacks , Easy CMS , Total CMS, Email (Joe Workman).
We are sometimes in need for some help in developing new websites or do some changes and updates on existing websites, so we are searching for a Rapidweaver freelancer.
Besides knowledge about above programs and additions, also basic knowledge of HTML, SEO, CSS and Javascript is needed.
Speaking dutch is not important, but english is.
Let us know! - Check out our website for info about us: https://www.connectingmedia.com


Pinging these great designers that take on custom work (sorry if I missed anyone)


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Thank you, @Aaron! I would add @j303 (https://www.easthalldesign.com/) to that list.

Hi René,

I am a full-time web designer for a very large integrated health system based in North Carolina. However, I also do some web work on the site. You can read more about me, my services, and hourly rate at https://mediapressions.com/

All of my sites are in RapidWeaver - and amazingly, Joe created TCMS to solve an issue one of my clients was experiencing. This does not make me an expert - but I can say I was an integral part of why it was created. :slight_smile:

You can find my contact information on my site - if you think I can assist down the road, please drop me a line or give me a call.

All the best,



Always on the look out for new work! I just pushed this yesterday - when I have some downtime I like to build some of my favorite sites with RW/Foundation… Here’s EA’s Battlefield V - amongst others I also built the Star Wars hero page too…

My pro work mostly RW/Foundation here



That is AMAZING! great work. :open_mouth:

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Wow…looking at your “professional” website compared to some of the examples provided by these freelancers it’s like night and day, isn’t it?

First thing I’d do is ask one of them to make a new site for you to use!


That was a little harsh, just say’n :wink:


It’s the Web Designers dilemma… spend time making great sites for everyone and completely neglecting your own. I mean how many years did I leave joeworkman.net alone? weavers.space is just a wee bit better…


Haha @klaatu , be glad i am Dutch and i can stand some critics :wink:
The examples provided by some are pretty impressive indeed, and it is good to find such talent.
Our own website is designed and made around 2009 i guess and we have a plan to renew it to todays standarts.
But yeah, like @joeworkman says… you first concentrate on your clients.
Thanks for the reply, i appreciate.


That’s not a dilemma, that’s bad business. In your case you don’t sell yourself as a web designer so it’s rather different. The quality of work from many self professed “professional” web designers is very poor.


I agree. But a website is only on launch day actual and new… the day after you have already an old website. For most of our website visitors our website is looking just great and awesome. For us professionals who are on it it is sometimes not. And that is happening to us all and all be happening for ever i think.

When you’re designing for a client, you get their feedback and revise (etc). When you’re designing for yourself, you’re the designer AND ‘the client’ at the same time - a weird dynamic that results in endless revisions, concepts being tossed out the window, and a new design being postponed indefinitely.

UNLESS, of course, you have a content / design strategy and know your “why”… :slight_smile:


I disagree. As the designer it’s your job to design, not ask your client to do it. Most of the time the client feedback is junk anyway.

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Because surely designers know everything there is to know about every industry/business and preferences based off real data/experience. It’s arrogant and ignorant for designers to think they have the holy grail on knowing the “right” decision for every business’s online presence. Not outright disagreeing with you, but client feedback on content/strategy is important. Anyway, happy to discuss on a new thread - let’s not derail this thread, please. :slight_smile:


Ah Steve, how I love our back-and-forths! :slight_smile:

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Of course, but we’re talking about design, no? When I start to work with a client I will first look at competitors sites, then discuss with the client the message they wish to broadcast and the end result they want. I will often ask if they want their website to fit the same mould as their competitors and peers, or if they want something different, and if so, how radically different do they want. I’ll access their target audience and then go and design a site to meet these needs. I don’t ask about their design concepts because they’re not designers, I am, and that’s why they’re hired me.

There are of course times when a client hires me having already had a design mocked up by either an in-house designer or freelancer, this is a different situation and if I feel the design works, and I’ll willing to put my name to it, I take the work, if not, I don’t.

It’s neither, it’s called being professional and good at your job.


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