ICYMI - Google may use IndexNow Protocol for Instant Indexing

Google has confirmed that it is testing the new IndexNow protocol that was headed by Microsoft Bing and launched a few weeks ago. Basically, IndexNow lets site owners ping a URL to achieve instant indexing with participating search engines (Bing and Yandex, for now). It allows website owners to instantly inform search engines about content that has been added, updated, or deleted - allowing search engines to quickly reflect this change in their search results. According to Google, they are testing, but do not have plans to implement anytime soon. Bing, however, spearheaded the projected and has fully embraced it.

Drop dead simple to use >>> to submit a URL using an HTTP request (replace with the URL provided by the search engine), issue your request to the following URL: https:///indexnow?url=url-changed&key=your-key

More information: https://www.indexnow.org


In addition to Dave’s explanation:

The value of &key should be a string of between 8 and 128 hexadecimal characters. You make that key up yourself.

Say your site’s URL is https://www.amazingsite.com
Say you want your key to be wrlitvn3inugh675vegt

Step 1: place a file called wrlitvn3inugh675vegt.txt at the root of your site. So the example should be accessible at amazingsite.com/wrlitvn3inugh675vegt.txt
Step 2: open Safari and enter the following URL:


…and press enter
Step 3: Profit!

The example is for Bing; Google’s URI is not yet public.


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