Google indexing of Rapidweaver site with ECWID store

We have a site made with Rapidweaver 6 which has an embedded ECWID store with over two hundred products on it - problem is that the Rapidweaver pages are found on google but the product (ECWID) pages are not. Despite following all the ECWID coding remedies it still fails to index on Google. Tearing my hair out now to get it to work - any suggestions as to where we go from here?

Greetings Jon, wondering if you’ve got any response to this? I am trying to get my ecwid store on my rapidweaver site indexed as well, but am struggling. Being a newbie, I don’t even understand how to include the google ajax indexing code. Seems like there should be a nice step by step somewhere? Surely there are many people using ecwid and RW who care to have their store indexed.


Did you find a solution as I am in exactly the same position for my teachers resource website.
I’d to clean up the URLs and have google read all the SEO information i have entered too.

Thank you

Not sure if I understand what you are saying.
What are you wanting index? Could you give an example URL and perhaps a page that has the link to the UR?.

I did notice on the URL there are a bunch of errors on the console.