Publish Updated Website

(Scot Davis) #1

I have an updated website I would like to ‘hide’ within the current website for feedback and functionality. I have done this in the past, but am having trouble publishing the ‘new’ site without and index page in RW7. Any ideas?


(Dave Farrants) #2

Make a new folder on the root of your websites server called ‘test’, drop the whole of the new site in it, use your old sites address then just add /test to the URL.

(Scot Davis) #3

Thank you! That make sense. I will give it a try.


(Dave Farrants) #4

You might want to add Disallow: /test to a robots.txt file to prevent it being indexed by search engines.

(Scot Davis) #5

Yay!! Worked!!

Thank you!!


(system) #6

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