If i buy a theme, can i use it for several customers websites

(Raphael Körber) #1

…or have i buy it for every new project i start?
If you have to buy it, anyone made expirience with quantity discount?

And how does it look with Add-ons?

Hello :slight_smile:

Questions should be clear, i nowhere found any info about this.

(Lisa Sandler) #2

You can use it on as many sites as you want :slight_smile:

Is very general. Can you be more specific?

(Raphael Körber) #3

Thank you for your fast anwser. :slight_smile:

Thats great!

Sry my formulation was not very well.
i meand if the add-ons are also useable on as many sites i want. But after your awnser about the themes i think i also can use them as often i want∞

(Marc) #4

You can use all your themes on as many websites as you want.
And add-ons (Stacks, Plugins (Easy CMS)) too.

You need site specific licenses for CMS (Total CMS, Pulse)

(Lisa Sandler) #5

Yes, correct. Once you buy an add-on, it’s part of your “tool set,” shall we say :slight_smile:

(Raphael Körber) #6

Thank you guys.
Helped me very much.

Gn8 its 4am in austria and work for today is done :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marc) #7

Gute Nacht und Grüsse aus der Schweiz :wink:


This is true for the vast majority of add-ons, but there are some that are licensed and require additional purchases for use with multiple domains. Its pretty rare, but one that comes to mind is Joe Workman’s Total CMS stacks collection.