TotalCMS Licensing for multiple websites

When building a website for a third party in which TotalCMS based blog is included, is it then necessary for the third party to own a TotalCMS license or is it sufficient for the web designer to own a license ? If the latter should be the case, what if the web designer’s license would expire at some point in the future ?

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Joe can confirm, but my understanding is that each license is for a given domain. Assuming the client is using the domain that you registered to total cms (I don’t believe total cms will work on a domain it’s not registered to) then I believe only one license is needed. The license is for the domain regardless of who creates, or edits said domain. Hope that helps? I’m sure joe will chime in as well.


Dan I correct. Basically the domain owns the license.

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Consider also that one license will cover one domain and all its sub domains. This is helpful cause when you build websites for clients you can create a sub-domain under your own domain for them, then use your own TCMS license for the entire development process. Once the website is ready to go live you can purchase a new license for the client’s domain.


Thank you all, for your swift and collaborative response … I’m relatively new to this forum but can already say that it’s a more positive experience that most other forums I’m on :slight_smile: @davidefan, the tip for using sub-domains during development is a good one, that’s something I’ll definitely consider when setting up my business plans as a standard approach (I’m planning on starting a little business of my own for local consulting).

@joeworkman, thanks for your feedback and your great products. Going through the recent tutorials (I had taken lots of your video tutorials back in 2014 already), I will be highly focusing on integrating your products in my activities, looking forward to making my first “professional” steps soon …

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