Iframe in html stack or iframe stack?

Will iframe work in html stack? I tried some iframe inside html stack and it wouldn’t work for me unless I am doing something wrong.

Is there an iframe stack that will allow me to take a section of a website instead of whole page? I am trying to iframe a search box from another website of ours.

Thank you

I have that stack but the marco only show how to embed contents like images pdf text. not selection of a website. I am not even sure how I would embed selection of a website with it.

I read his instruction, one part where it says

In the Embed settings, change the Content Type to suit the type of content you want to embed

Where do I change the content I wanted to embed? Where is the embed settings?? In the inspector, only thing show is just one line “Embed Directory” nothing else is listed in there or a setting to change.


all i get is

Going to restart my Mac …

The photo was the different embed stack from inStack. I restarted the iMac and @willwood stack showed up. Now I know there are two stack with same name LOL …

Now I see the correct embed stack from stack4stack and its settings. Thank you @SteveB

the embed stack is only displaying blank page when using iframe. I already checked the website which is one of ours and it not set to deny iframe or I don’t see a x-frame deny option on it. The example.com works fine with embed stack.

Strange …

I just found out that one of our website have “SAMEORIGIN” set so we couldn’t iframe it to one of our other website until we get this straighten out first.

However, after playing with Embed stack, I don’t see a way how to take a section of the website to iframe it in another site. It seem that the stack only does full page.

I tested the HTML stack again with iframe on a website that not blocking iframe and it works in selection so I will need to ask the other department to allow our website to iframe their and add an id div box around their search box to only display the div container by id on our website.

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