HTML Stacks & iFrame Content

Hi Guys

I seem to recall reading / hearing somewhere that using an HTML stack is a bad idea for containing iframe code.

As I am having issues with iPad devices showing the iFrame content I am wondering if the HTML stack / iFrame code combo could be the root cause of the issue.

Any thoughts / comments on this ?

iFrame code itself is the issue. It’s not related to the HTML Stack. If possible, don’t use iFrames at all.

Hi Jannis

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately this is one of those circumstances where I have no control over the iframe - it is related to a product provider that I use who can only provide iframe solutions by all accounts.

Since writing I thought I would experiment and replace the HTML stacks with the Foundation Markup stack to see if any improvement would occur on IOS devices.

Interestingly Chrome on IOS now renders as does Opera but Firefox and Safari do not (Safari I did not expect to)

It seems therefore that a little progress has been made in this regar.


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