I'm at a standstill in setting up Disqus on a blog page

I’m trying to set up Disqus on a blog page. When I get to platform setting I’m not sure what to do. In setting up the account it gives me platform settings to chose from. None are Rapidweaver. The options are Universal Code, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarspace, TypePad, MovableType, Drupal, and Joomla. If I select Universal Code it gives me a bunch of code I have no idea where to put.

Once your Disqus account is set up, all you should need is your “Short Name” which is basically the username for that account.
You then put that in the Blog page general settings.

@bitbumpy is correct about what you need to do, but the current Disqus website makes it difficult to find your shortname. Once you are logged-in on the Disqus website, follow these steps to get it:

Cog Wheel at top-right of page > Admin
Select a specific site > choose your site
Edit Settings

You should then see a page with the headline Configure Disqus for Your Site – your shortname should be the second item on that page. Copy that and paste it into the shortname field of RapidWeaver’s Blog commenting settings.

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@ryanbsmith I are still trying to find a solution of linking disqus with my RW-blogpage. I have suscribed to tutorials but the informations about disqus linking, dear Ryan, are too short. Just putting the short name didn’t do the job and the continuition on the disqus-site is disturbing. I got a html-code for my blog, which I insert to the code-pannel. that was wrong, now I am trying other ways. (Just a suggestion for a next tutorial about Blogpage).

OK, I was wrong: short name is enough. I was using the short name of an older site-version. - My question now would be: can I customize “comments” for my german site?

It is not necessary to add any code into RapidWeaver for the Disqus comments to appear. The shortname is the only requirement. Did you publish the blog after you added your shortname in RapidWeaver? You will need to publish to see the commenting functions.

Otherwise, it’s possible that you added your Disqus account name instead of the short name. The steps I provided in my previous post will help you find the shortname in case you have the wrong thing entered.

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