Adding disqus to my poster stack- how?

I have the poster stack, how do I enable disqus on my blog page.


By reading the documentation:


Yes, sighned up but then there is not a rapidweaver solution.


I cannot follow you.

Ignore the specific sign ups and go for “website” or it might be “universal code”

No need to select “Rapidweaver” from the list :slight_smile:

Actually Poster Stack takes care about everything, no need to copy any code :wink::+1:

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to install disqus to Poster stack, do I need to use the “universal code”. If so, that would be a little beyond my skill level.


Sorry, missed your last post; no need to copy code.

All fixed and sorted.



I Followed your instructions re, installing disqus on the poster stack. Yet, is not showing the comments section.
Where should I look to confirm installation?
Do I need to leave/allow space for the install of comments, or does poster do this for me?
Am very new and just followed your instructions, my disquis user name is added as is poster item, for disquis comments.

Have you published the site to the web? It might not sure on local RW preview.

Do you have a link to your live site with Poster Stack?

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For each item / Poster Stack blog item you want to enable disqus, also check the checkbox shown in the second screenshot:

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