Help with Rapidweaver Blog or other suggestions

I’m looking for some detailed instruction on how to set up my blog for comments. Is there a link to instruction or manual? I’m not seeing enough instruction on the RealMac site for a non-programmer who doesn’t understand such techie things :smile: Do I need to activate the RSS feed? Do I have to use Disqus? Are there better options? I prefer Stacks to plugins.


I use the Armadillo stacks and have found them very good, they support comments from Disqus. The support is excellent by the developer if you run into problems.


I signed up with Disqus but can’t seem to get the comments section working (using RW blog). I still need some help and if anyone has some step by step instructions I would appreciate some help.

Disqus works fine with my RW Blog, but I don’t recall the steps. I think I found it somewhere in the manual.

Dunno if this helps but, when I open the inspector and click the far right page tool, under the general tab is a blog comments section where I entered disqus , the RSS link as Comments Feed, separator as | , and a short name I made up. When you click the little arrow the disqus login page will open up in your default web browser. There was some configuration on the disqus site too.

What about the RSS tab in RW? does that have something to do with it? I have Disqus set as my provider and set up my short name, also set up my trusted domains on Disqus and I still can’t get it to work. I see the comments button but no way to add comments and when I click on the comments button, it says to see troubleshooting on Disqus.
Anyone who can help I would appreciate it.

RSS feeds have nothing to do with comments. RSS feeds allow users to “subscribe” to your blog in order to get notified by the browser when a new post is available. However, it is possible to subscribe to comments, too (get notified when someone posts a new comment to your blog). That’s why you have to enter an RSS link name in the RW comments section.

For the moment, I suggest leaving the RSS tab alone.

To enable comments in RW, you just have to select Disqus as your comments provider and enter your Disqus short name. It is possible that the problem is not your RW setup but rather a misconfiguration in your Disqus account. As trusted domain you have to enter your website address.