Image Content and Site Image Editing

Hello - I am in the process of creating a new RW Stacks site that includes about 200 photos and the same number of pages. I am running the latest versions of RW and Stacks.

In the previous version of this site, each of the photos had been edited by double-clicking the image to reveal the “Image Content” page and then entering values for borders, shadows, etc. These values were the same for nearly all of the photos.

I would like to use most of these same photos and their existing “Image Content” values in the new site but I don’t know how to copy the existing values for borders, shadows, etc. and apply them to the new site. When I drag the photos into the new site, those values don’t come along for the ride. Any suggestions?

Also, I was considering using “Site Images” stacks instead of “Images” this time around. When I double-click on an image in a “Site Image” stack it doesn’t open a “Site Image Content” page so I don’t know how to enter values for borders, shadows, etc.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.


There’s a couple of things you can do.

  1. Select the image stack (not the image itself) by clicking the top boarder
  2. “Copy” command +c the stack once selecte
  3. On the new project select another stack on the page
  4. Select paste (commamd + v), the image stack should paste right bellow the selected stack.

If you have a lot to do like 200+ then you could also use the new stacks 4 external feature. That’s probably the way I’d do it.

  1. Select every image on the page in the old project
  2. Make them external with a name that you would recognize
  3. Open the new project
  4. Find the external in the stacks library
  5. Drag the external to the page.

The new site image stack doesn’t have the same ability to edit the image properties. If you are not using the same image on multiple pages, you might be better off leaving them as the old image stack.

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Hi Doug,

Thank you so much for your suggestions. They were really helpful!

Do you know why the new site image stack doesn’t include image editing options? What’s the best way to edit site image borders, shadows, etc. ?


I don’t think many people used a lot of the built in editing options. The main advantage of the site image is the exact same image can be used in multiple pages and only have to be downloaded once by the browser.

There are quite a few great apps like Affinity Photo, Pixelmator, GIMP, Photoshop and even the built in Photos app. These apps offer a lot more options, you just edit the images prior to using them on a website.

Every image shouldn’t “prep’d” prior to being used on a webpage anyway. Things like cropping, resizing and optimizing should be done by outside apps anyway.

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