Image VS. Site Image

What is the difference between a image stack, and a site image stack?

This should help:

Check out the videos in stacks 4 on YouTube. YourHead has some. My Weavers Space channel has some as well.

I may not be correct, but the site image is the default, whereas you need to select Image if you drag an image to a “open” stack. This leads to an issue for me in that the site image doesn’t seem to have the ability to create a shadow around the image, as is possible with the regular Image stack. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are correct that site images are the default for stacks4 running under RW8.

You do lose the ability to do some of the image manipulations that you can do with the old image stack. You can still use the old ”image” stack if you want some of those edits. However, you’ll trade-off the benefits like performance outlined in the video.

You can check out the videos here on the new major features of stacks 4. Feature #4 is on site images.

Adding shadows with RW’s built-in image editor that Stacks uses in the plain Image stack actually creates a new image, with the drop shadow part of the image. You’d be much better off using a stack that can add shadows via CSS.

There are a number of simple shadow stacks that you can drop an image stack into that will create very nice drop shadows that will look really nice on all devices. Search the forum for drop shadows stack, and you’ll find several.

Thanks for the info. I was aware of the changes, just pointing it out, as I am an old dog not easy learning new tricks. I add images with shadows outside using Logoist 3 when I have time or even one of the RW shadow stacks, but the image stack was a quick and easy way to add shadows. I will take the suggestion and look at the advantage of using the site image. Thanks again.

Here are a few videos that you may want to watch…

Thank you Joe. Appreciate the links…love your hats!

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Without realizing it, I used the “site image” srack to post two PDFs. The published site looked great to me on MacOS, iPadOS and iOS but my client could not see it on hert Windows machine. Is this a known issue? Did I do something wrong? (Reposting with the “image” stage resolved the issue.)

No issue that I’m aware of. Site images produce the same HTML image tags that the old image stack does.

I doubt that the issue was caused by site image vs the old image stack. If it was visible on your devices then some other issues caused it not to work on the other windows machine.

Site image is the default image for stacks 4. If you drag and drop an image onto a stacks 4 page it will be a site image stack. The old image stack is there for backward compatibility.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, it is after all a windows machine. If you post a link I can check it on both windows and Mac for you.

Thanks for the offer. However I had already replaced the “invisible” “Site Images” with plain old “Images” stacks.

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