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Hi All

I am currently using RW latest version, Feather Theme with Stacks.

The ‘Content background’ Title area background’ and ‘Site background’ are all solid black. What I was considering doing is using images for the ‘Site background’ rather than solid black, however Feather Theme doesn’t seem to offer this a choice in the inspector>site background drop down menu.

Is there a stack out there that would allow me the choice of separately dropping images into site background so I get the ‘Content background’ solid black against images right and left of the site.

Many thanks in advance as always!

(harry) #2

Hey Bernard,

have a look at Section Pro from big white duck:

maybe that’ll help …

(Bernard O'Sullivan) #3

Hi There

Firstly, many thanks for taking the time and energy to help. I did download Sections Pro Stack but when I placed it into the Stacks page with an image it just seemed to add an additional image content, rather than being able to control the site background left and right of the site content.

If there is a plug-in that allows me to control this background fairly simply and without altering the site content itself, I am happy to pay for it.

I also looked at Jack Stack by Joe Workman, but again this looked like it was more to do with controlling the 'CONTENT background, rather than site background.

(harry) #4

Hey Bernard,

did you use the background childstack for Section Pro?

(Bernard O'Sullivan) #5

No I didn’t. I did a search to try and find it but failed. Is it a stack that can work comfortably around my existing Theme, stacks page layout?

(Rob Beattie) #6

Alternatively, you could upload your chosen image to your web host and then reference it using CSS.

This looks like it works.

body {
   background-image: url("");

Replace the dummy path with the path to where the image is actually stored and then paste it into the CSS section of the sitewide code. You’ll find this in General, Settings, Code, CSS.

Or if you want a different image on each page you can paste the same code into the Page Inspector for each page, changing the name of the image to point to the image you want to use.

(harry) #7

Sorry, I have no Idea if it works in the feather theme.
That should be a question you should point to the developer of the theme.

(Jason Bostick) #8

You could try Eclipse perhaps? I don’t own the stack (or Feather) myself to test it out so I’m not sure.

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