Impact stack - Silky Smooth Slideshows

Impact is an amazing slideshow with the most silky smooth cross fade on the web. Hands down. But calling it just a slideshow is a disservice. Impact will properly scalle its contents to fit that layout that you want. You can use it for full screen hero headers, site banners or as a traditional slideshow within your content. Oh yeah, one more thing… it also supports video!

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A great Stack Joe. I like this smooth transitions and the lot options. Really amazing work.
Is there a way to use this as a slideshow with your Total CMS content?

Yes. Impact full supports image warehousing. So you can simply copy the image URLs from the CMS and paste them into Impact. It will work like a charm.

The 10 images used in this Impact landing page are controlled by EasyCMS, the client can simply drag any image he sees fit into one of the 10 slots on the admin page and vola! the sequence changes.
Also it’s worth pointing out that they are full colour images, I’ve placed a 85% white overlay from within Impact to give them the washed out look.

I think that is a nice way for your Easy CMS users. I ask for a smart way for your Total CMS users to simply select a Total CMS gallery. BTW I bought the stack and it looks great…

Hi, whats the difference between the Impact stack and Eclipse stack?

Eclipse and Impact are designed for two separate use cases and can actually be used in conjunction to help create dynamic and beautiful webpages.

The Eclipse stack gives your webpage full screen background image, slideshows or video while the Impact stack is placed within the foreground of your site creating promotional containers to fit your content.

Impact allows you to define the container size and then automatically crops images, slideshows, and/or videos to fit within the container.

I have a question (new to stacks): I have to rebuild my portfolio website and I need to simplify the pages and chose Nick Cates’s Photo stack to do it. This allows me to reduce my thumbnails to one for each part of my portfolio, which I really need – but Photo does not have autoplay for the slideshow and my clients (film & TV producers) are notorious for short attention span and clicking through images can be difficult for them. Can I utilize one stack on top of another? For example: Can I use Photo for the galleries and Impact to autoplay the slideshows created by the other stack?

I’ve asked this – elsewhere – and have not received an answer.

Thank you.

PS. Yes I’m looking to make a purchase;)

Impact cannot play a slideshow of images managed by the Photos stack. Both stacks integrate with Total CMS galleries. So you could use a CMS managed gallery and have both Impact and Photos tie into that.

Thank you, Joe, very interesting. I don’t know exactly what you mean (newbie to stacks and I don’t know what Total CMS is) but I’ll Google your suggestion and see if I can figure it out – it sounds quite promising;)


You can see here…

Thanks again, Joe. I’ve been looking at your tutorials on YouTube and I mostly just see frustration ahead. You’re talking to website builders that already have a handle on what you’re discussing. I don’t. I do one website – my own. RW, when I first got it, was able to handle that – now I need multiple 3rd party apps to update my site and I need to learn all new terminology and tech – ok, that’s progress. But all I’m attempting is to find a way to autoplay the slideshow in Photo Stack and, frankly, buying two more apps that together with Stacks 3 and Photo Stacks cost double what I paid for RW seems a bit much.

I mean no offense to you, your products look terrific and I can certainly see why professional website builders would use them. So, truly, thank you for responding to me, but I’ll keep searching for now. Until then, I guess folks will just have to click manually through my images.


Hello, I am using RW for years now. It is the perfect app to manage your own site. Through templates, your site may look super pro !
So as a beginer, just look at the tutos, look at every stack devellopper, look the examples, do the tests. You will learn fast. It is time consuming, but worth it.
With “stacks” and some well chosen stacks (same word but not the same thing, do you understand?) a nice theme, the new RW7 themes are really good looking . Your own site will be georgeous :slight_smile:
What are you looking for? Just ask and we will try to answer.
I am no Pro user, no coder, no designer !

Hi, thank you for responding, really, this site has some really cool, helpful folks on it and that’s really nice to experience.

To answer your question, I’m looking to simplify the look of my website. Due to the nature of my work, Makeup FX, I do various things; design, sculpt, fabricate and paint. Each of these requires a separate gallery – right now each page has a large number of thumbnails, which puts off some who view the site, it’s crowded. What I’m looking to do is give each gallery a single thumbnail that you click on and the slideshow comes up. That way I’ll have 4 thumbnails max on a single gallery page (as opposed to 30 thumbnails on a separate page for each gallery). I chose Nick Cates’s Photo Stack to do this, and it does it admirably. The only thing that bothers me (now that I’ve been working on it) is that the slideshow in the stack doesn’t autoplay and I’d like it to. That way the viewer has to expend minimal effort to see each gallery.

I hope I described this well.

Thanks again,