Image Offsetting from Side: RW7 and Stacks

Howdy- Thank you for the help.

Don’t think I’ve seen this before.

Here’s the problem:

  • When adding an image stack to a two column stack, the image is offsetting from the right. (example image enclosed). No matter what I do, it will not move right.


  • RW 7.5.5
  • Stacks 3.5.7
  • Various container, image, and text stacks

What I’ve Tried and Notes:

  • I’ve tried various image stacks (built in, fluid, text, containers, etc…)
  • This is a stacks page with an HTML snippet Stack, Text stack, and Joe Workman’s Page Safe Stack

Any thoughts? I’ve included an image as an example.


The setting “layout” > “fill mode” can help… But, this can get you into an unwanted situation as the screen width gets narrower. There are various third party stacks around to help with just such a situation. Some are just for images and some for everything.

Here’s our solution :


Thanks for the info. I’ll dig into this a bit deeper. Just noticed that both the second stack (where the two columns are located) and the HTML stack are pushed to the right- Not centered. Strange.

I’ll dig in when I get a chance and report back.

Thanks again.

The other thing that will help you get some help, is to provide a URL to at least a test page.

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Howdy- I haven’t been able to make public due to confidential information. But, the problem has actually gotten worse on me. When I publish the site, the columns aren’t staying in alignment.

Thus, I’m going to re-create this page with non-confidential information. I’ll do this tonight and post the URL.

Thanks! Back in a bit.

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Howdy- Thank you for the help. I spent too much time on this :slight_smile: and figured out that adjusting the % allocation for the 2 columns helped. Once I allocated it more closely with the actual space needed, it behaved better.


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